Fashion Flowers sells perishable goods. Therefore, once an order has been placed, we cannot cancel the order or offer any refunds at this time. All sales are final.

Damaged Orders

If you receive a damaged item, we will try our best to fix it. However, USPS must be notified of the damage investigation and any claims being considered.

Once the item is delivered in accordance with USPS policy, we are not responsible for any items lost or stolen from the front door, outside the home or office.

If you have any further questions about your order, product care, or our policies, please contact us at

Please check the shipping address provided. If your address is incomplete, incorrect, or needs to be redirected en route, you will be charged an additional fee. The fee is determined by the carrier depending on the carrier, the number of boxes, the distance to the new destination and the service. The representative will receive the re-routing fee from the carrier and notify you.

Replacement fees and refunds: In the event that a flower variety becomes unavailable, Fashion Flowers will offer a replacement for your order. The proposed replacement will be for an equal or greater value than the amount paid. However, if the customer requests a replacement that significantly exceeds the value of the item ordered, Fashion Flowers will charge the difference in price.

Change and Cancellation Policy

Order changes must be made within 24 hours of placing the order. Order changes will be made subject to product availability and returns cannot be made if the desired product is not available.

Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of placing the order. All cancellations must be submitted in writing via email. A cancellation confirmation email will be sent to confirm the cancellation. Rush orders unfortunately cannot be canceled as orders are processed immediately. A cancellation fee is applied to cover credit card processing fees and handling charges.

Delivery failures during delivery cannot be honored and therefore refunds are not possible. This applies to deliveries made on or 1 business day before or after the customer’s scheduled delivery date. Any delivery waiver made by the customer will still result in an estimate of the price of the order. All customer purchases are individual orders for freshly cut flowers, which are specially assembled and delivered directly from the manufacturer. This policy complies with order cancellation policies, which cannot be met if orders are canceled less than 10 days in advance.

Claims, credit and refund policy

While it’s rare to have issues with an item, if you have an issue with an order during delivery, you’ll need to contact Fashion Flowers on the day your flowers are delivered at +17865849277 or email

If a delivery is made outside business hours, we can be contacted via email and/or voice mail. To facilitate communication, you must provide a return phone number.

Fashion Flowers is not responsible for problems during delivery from our location to your location, including delivery delays caused by weather conditions or natural disasters. In case of problems with delivery, claims must be submitted to the carrier. While we will try to act on your behalf to have these companies help you process your claim, Fashion Flowers is not responsible for any shipping related claims and whatever solution the shipping companies provide is what will be taken in the event of a problem with the product. on my way.

While Fashion Flowers guarantees that products will not be fresh or defective on delivery, the quality of the flowers is not guaranteed afterwards. Therefore, flower growth or flower opening cannot be guaranteed within the set time period due to uncontrollable factors such as care and handling, and ambient temperature after delivery. The customer is responsible for familiarizing himself with fresh cut flowers, herbs and other floral products and for their proper use. Fashion Flowers is not responsible if you, the recipient, mishandle the flowers, do not moisten them upon arrival, or do not properly care for and handle them. If you have any questions regarding the correct use of our products, please contact Fashion Flowers.